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Erin C

My session with Charlie was unlike anything I had experienced before. With no previous knowledge about me or my life, she was able to relay messages to me that were personally meaningful in the moment as well as after I had time to process and digest them. I appreciate that she took time to talk with me prior to the session and explain that her role seems to be that of one who communicates the messages rather than interpreting them. I look forward to working with her in the future! 

Cody King

This was the first time I have ever had a reading and I must say I was quite delighted by the experience. Charlie made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and that allowed me to open up and really enjoy the experience. Charlie is delightful and has a wonderful attitude and positive demeanor. I would definitely recommend her for anybody seeking a true professional.

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Mariza Casales Aldrete

Hi Charlie,

thank you for the free tarot reading.  You helped me by reiterating many things i already knew and also put things in perspective. I was surprised how right on you were about what was and is going on in my life.  It has made me think a lot about some changes i need to make to head in the right direction.  Change is hard but I feel in time I will stop sabotaging my self and do what is right for me.

Thanks again,

Donna Ellis

Charlene read tarot for me.  Recommended by others among my circle of friends, she is a wonderful discovery.  I liked her approach to engaging my guides and I appreciated her high standards for spiritual ethics.

Her reading around my personal question included accurate characterizations of the parties involved and highly intuitive understanding of the unique way in which some complex elements played into the matter.  She made me feel confident about her connection to spirit, her intuition and her guidance.

Charlene has a clear and powerful connection.  She couples that with an understanding of the human heart and psyche that feel very ancient and wise.  She gave me a technique to help manage my own response to stressful outbursts by another.  I had an opportunity to use it immediately with my troubled family member and was able to re-establish peace for myself and my household.

I am happy to recommend Charlene.

Donna Ellis



Giovanna Suarez-Renaud

  Charlie was absolutely warm and friendly.  She was great at explaining the messages she was receiving and was very open to any question that I had.  She took her time with me and made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  Her messages hit home and she was right on target with what she was revealing to me.  Her caring style, sweet personality and suggestions really made the reading a wonderful and extremely powerful helpful experience. I highly recommend Charlie and her amazing gifts!  

Liz Glasgow

Hi Charlie, 
This is a brief testimony after my reading on Sun. When you were describing the difference between a Tarot and Medium reading, I got the message, “I don’t need this”, but proceeded anyway. Sometimes I don’t like the guidance I’m receiving, so I look for a different answer, 🙂
As you pulled the first card, you said The Hang Man, then started explaining that you were not going to mention the name of the card as this brought up fear in some people who don’t know the deck. I expressed that this did not apply to me, but you continued to talk about fear-fear associated with the names and how this could influence the reading. I let it go but knew it did not apply to me personally. You pulled a few cards and the messages were not resonating. The cards were suggesting actions I’d applied to my life 20+ years ago, and at one point I got the the idea that it sounded like you were reading my roommate, but I never said that to you. I had that thought come up several more times as we continued.
You did a great job of explaining what all the card could mean, since you didn’t know me-you couldn’t relate them to my history or patterns, but I kept thinking and saying “that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t do that, I did that years ago”, it started to become a little frustrating. I think the entire reading took about 20 mins. You could have read a few more cards, but we both agreed I didn’t need anything else from the reading. 
Once I really thought about it, I realized you WERE reading my roommate. The Universe brought us together so I could help him learn a few things. Its been a very interesting experience. I got two really useful pieces of information from the reading. Both I already knew, but you were able to explain them, using the cards, in a way that made me accept what is happening, and find peace in the outcome. 
You were very supportive and kind and when I reported my belief and thoughts with you, you offered to do a reading with my roommate, and another with me if I was interested. 
You have a big heart Charlie, and seem to be really capable of reading the cards and energy, I’m sending you the best intentions for success with your practice.
Blessings, Liz Glasgow

Sean Mathis

Charlie brought a personal touch to the experience, something I’ve felt was lacking from readings I’ve done with others. Her interpretations of the cards clarified and expanded on thoughts I’d had on my own already, and it was refreshing to see some of the same thoughts presented in a different way. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking advice, especially those sitting on the fence about decisions that are important to them. Thanks again Charlie!

Sean Mathis