About Charlie Marie D’labaj: Click here!

Me and my Daughter Lily

Me and my Daughter Lily


After your free first session, if you feel I did a good job and you would like to make a contribution for my time, your donations will be greatly appreciated!  If you can not afford to pay anything and would like to offer an honest exchange of energy rather than money, you are more than welcome to do so and it will be equally appreciated.  This includes, but is not limited to bartering services.

The average cost for a very basic reading is between $20 and $60 and it lasts about 20 minutes to an hour.  I am suggesting a minimum donation of $1 per minute if you feel I deserve a contribution, but your first session is FREE!  However these sessions are limited, so contact me now @ CharlieMarieD@gmail.com to make sure you get to claim your free first session before the promotion ends.

I can do much of what I do over the phone just as well as in person.  Write me and I will give you my personal cell phone number to call.  I can also come to your home, office or hotel.  My clients become my friends, so feel free to share my contact information with others you think might be interested.  I also have beautiful gift certificates that you can give as a present to someone else.  It’s a unique idea for the holidays and various special occasions.  I have a PayPal account for your convenience or we can get together if you prefer to give in person.

How I Discovered My Abilities

I didn’t know that I had psychic abilities as a child, but I always felt I was different in some way that I was yet to discover, and that turned out to be true.  I was enchanted by my seemingly natural ability with Tarot when I was younger, but had put my cards away for several years until recently.

As far as being a medium, that was happening before I knew what it was I was doing.  I just thought I talked to myself, even though I knew there was some difference.  A hint began with a dream of flying with my grandmother and another dream after a friend died, but I thought it to be nothing more.  Then, after another friend committed suicide, I had a profound experience, but still was not yet thinking I could communicate with the dead on command.  Then, recently another friend died.  I had gone to see him for the first time in 15 years and then he passed in just a couple of days after.  He started communicating with me.  At first, I thought it was my way of grieving, but then he gave me a message with specific information to his best friend and that friend confirmed that what I was saying was true and that no one had known it but the two of them.  This made me question if it was personal and isolated, or if I could do the same for people I don’t know any time I choose.  That is when I did the experimental readings for Linda, listed in the testimonials.

What I’m Up To Now

I’m a busy single mom looking to develop a new career.  I have been helping with missing persons cases and hope to get more adept at forensic mediumship and also to use my abilities to offer bereavement as well as other types of counseling.

Thank you!  I always look forward to helping unfold your stories and helping you find your inner compass toward your destiny, and sharing messages designed just for you.  It is a beautiful and fascinating experience for me too!  Write to request an appointment.  Free first sessions are limited and will no longer be offered for free once the spots have been filled, so don’t wait or you might miss out.



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